I'm Alex Griffin and I'm a Christian Science Practitioner.  I live in Massachusetts with my wife, our dog Hudson, and our two cats, Jack and Winston.  I studied music in college, and graduated from Principia College with a BA in Music.  I still enjoy playing my drums every now and again, but much of my time now is devoted to prayer and helping others to be healed.

I was raised in a family of practicing Christian Scientists, although I really made a conscious decision to take this religion more seriously when I was in college.  I experienced a major healing in my late teens that really opened my eyes to the effectiveness of this healing Science, and subsequent healings followed shortly thereafter: symptoms related to the permanent loss of hearing, relationship troubles, protection during several potentially violent interactions, injuries sustained while on a camping trip, protection during a car accident, and so on.  I learned that relying on God is not a naive thing to do, but rather is a perfectly effective and legitimate way to handle any problem in life. 

In my free time, I enjoy hiking with my wife and pup, listening to music of all kinds, reading (I'm currently working on the Great Books of the Western World!), and writing articles for the Christian Science periodicals (the CS Journal, Sentinel, and Herald). 

Feel free to reach out anytime:

760.522.1691 - Call, Text, Signal


Ashland, MA, United States of America

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