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This is exciting! I've finally had some time off over Spring Break, which gave me enough time to actually set up my website and make it look good. I've flirted with the idea of creating a website for a few years now, but I've never had the time or motivation to get it done. But with the end of college in sight, it seems like now is the time to make this happen. This is currently a rough draft of my website, but it is a fairly polished rough draft. I think that this layout has a lot of potential, and most of what will be changing is the pictures and some content material. I'm still working on editing and uploading my pictures from my 2015 - 365 Project. I won't be posting every picture that I took, but I will be posting every picture that looks good! I'll add an RSS Feed button sometime soon so that anyone who is interested can keep up to date with my website, particularly this blog section. I'm also working on arranging at least one tune to do as a youtube drum cover video while I'm still on campus with good access to free recording and video services.

Thanks for reading!


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